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Paul Finebuam Has Surprising Take On Ole Miss Hiring Kiffin

Paul Finebuam Has Surprising Take On Ole Miss Hiring Kiffin

Paul Finebuam Has Surprising Take On Ole Miss Hiring Kiffin

Paul Finebaum has a surprising take on Ole Miss hiring Lane Kiffin.

The biggest news of this college football weekend isn’t anything happening in any of the conference title games. It is the decision by Ole Miss to pull the trigger on hiring the very polarizing Kiffin as their new head coach.

In the aftermath of the big hiring being leaked out, Finebaum offered an interesting take on it.

“I think it’s a spectacular hire,” he said.

“Lane Kiffin has a a lot of experience. We forget he’s had four head coaching jobs, one in the NFL and three in college ball.

“Listen, I think he is prepared of this job. He was really sent to purgatory after leaving Nick Saban a couple years ago and has done a really good job at FAU off the radar.”

Finebaum did not stop there.

“A lot of people want to conjure up things about the past, but I know Lane Kiffin very well and he’s got a plan,” Finebaum continued.

“The key will be his coaching staff. Keep your eye on what some of his first moves will be. I’m willing to predict they will surprise and put a little bit of fear in the SEC. I think Lane Kiffin is for real at Ole Miss.”

Kiffin has gone 25-13 over the course of three years at FAU. It remains to be seen if he can bring similar levels of success back to the SEC.

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