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Paul Finebaum Trashes Tua Tagovailoa Over Alabama Legacy

Paul Finebaum Trashes Tua Tagovailoa Over Alabama Legacy

Paul Finebaum Trashes Tua Tagovailoa Over Alabama Legacy

Paul Finebaum trashed Tua Tagovailoa over his Alabama legacy this week.

Tagovailoa is widely regarded as arguably the most talented quarterback to ever suit up for the Crimson Tide.

Although repeated injuries obviously play some role in his story, it is worth remembering that he was still supremely successful during his time with Nick Saban.

Throughout his career with Alabama, Tagovailoa recorded 7,442 yards and 87 scores.

His game-winning touchdown to DeVonta Smith against Georgia in 2018 will go down as one of the most memorable moments in National Championship Game history.

While the final two years of Tagovailoa’s career were obviously somewhat hampered by injuries, his impact on the Crimson Tide from a historical standpoint is undeniable.

In a recent interview, Finebaum suggested that Tagovailoa’s legacy with Alabama was “incomplete” as a result of his injuries.

Appearing on WNSP Sports Radio 105.5, Finebaum did not pull any punches.

“It will be incredibly great, however, I think it is somewhat incomplete,” Finebaum said.

“And I hate to say that because of the great talent of Tua, but by getting hurt twice, having it affect the last two seasons, I think he will be deprived of absolute Namath-type royalty status.

“I don’t think there’s any question he’s the best quarterback in Alabama history, but the fact that his last two seasons were not … I don’t think they were completely filled.

“He’s forever remembered for the second-and-26 play. That goes without saying.”

Finebaum’s take obviously stirred up some controversy, as his opinions typically do.

Some thought he was right on the mark.

Others thought he was greatly overstating how much Tagovailoa’s legacy is “incomplete” as a result of the injuries.

Tagovailoa is expected to be taken by the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Barring some sort of catastrophe, he will likely be the second quarterback off the board after LSU’s Joe Burrow.

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