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Paul Finebaum Responds To Mike Leach

Paul Finebaum Responds To Mike Leach

Paul Finebaum Responds To Mike Leach

Paul Finebaum responded to Mike Leach recently.

Leach found himself in hot water last week after a tweet he sent out that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

In the tweet, Leach retweeted an image fo a female knitting a noose.

He subsequently apologized.

This week, Finebaum weighed in on what transpired.

“Yeah, I would say that it may end up being a blip,” Finebaum said.

“Now, if we weren’t going through what we were currently going through, I think he would be in trouble.

Because some of the things that were said about him on national programs Friday were downright scary, but I think the audience for national sports right now is so minimized and marginalized, that I suspect that Leach will survive.”

It remains to be seen if Leach will face any other punishment for his tweet.

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