Pau Gasol’s Valentine’s Day Gift For Vanessa Bryant Goes Viral

Pau Gasol’s Valentine’s Day Gift For Vanessa Bryant Goes Viral

Pau Gasol’s Valentine’s Day gift for Vanessa Bryant this week reminded one and all of why he is such a beloved figure.

Over the past few years, ever since Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, many have paid lip service to the Bryant family. Everyone has said all the right things and made the appropriate token gestures.

But a select few have truly stood by Vanessa and the family in a way that would have made Kobe proud.

Gasol is one of those people.

Between their intimate photos together, the special gifts he has sent her, and all the vacations they have taken together, the Lakers legend has consistently been a figure that Vanessa and her daughters could lean on.

And that pattern held true this week.

On Valentine’s Day, Gasol and his family sent Vanessa a special gift:

Pau Gasol’s Valentine’s Day Gift For Vanessa Bryant Goes Viral 1

You love to see it.

Obviously Vanessa is no stranger to going viral. Between her wild girls’ night photos with La La Anthony, party pictures with Kim Kardashian and intimate photos with Rob Pelinka, it feels like she is always trending for something or other.

But there is something particularly special about all her encounters with Gasol. There is a genuineness and uniqueness to their relationship that, for obvious reasons, warms the hearts of Lakers fans far and wide.

Gasol is a truly great friend and a deeply caring individual. People knew that already – but his treatment of Vanessa and the entire Bryant family really reaffirms it.

Certain relationships really stand the rest of time, and Gasol’s relationship with Vanessa is one of those.

Hopefully as the years turn into decades the Bryant family and Gasol family can continue to be as tight as they have been thus far.

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