Patriots Owner Gives Unexpected Tom Brady Update

Patriots Owner Gives Unexpected Tom Brady Update

Patriots Owner Gives Unexpected Tom Brady Update

Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave an unexpected Tom Brady update this week.

Kraft was out in New York on Tuesday when he was confronted by a camera man from TMZ.

The camera man asked Kraft bluntly: “Are we going to keep Tom in New England, Bob?”

“We plan to,” the Patriots owner replied.

For the past few weeks there has been growing chatter that Brady intends to leave the Patriots for another organization.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos have all been mentioned as possible options.

Although Kraft has previously expressed interest in bringing Brady back, it has seemingly done little to win over the future Hall of Famer quarterback.

To date, he has offered zero indication that he wants to return to New England.

The Patriots finished this past season with a 12-4 record, ultimately failing to earn a Wild Card bye for the first time in a decade.

The team then promptly found itself on the wrong end of a Tennessee Titans upset, ending their 2019-20 campaign early.

Part of the reason why the Patriots had such an underwhelming year this past season was because of a lack of offensive weapons for Brady to work with.

It remains to be seen if Kraft will be able to secure enough playmakers this summer to lure Brady back in with the promises of a better future.

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  1. I would love to see Tom Brady stay in New England with the Patriots I am a die-hard Patriots fan with that being said I am from Tennessee so to see Tom Brady come to the Tennessee Titans would be totally freaking awesome however I just do not think even though Tennessee had an awesome year this year still don’t think they have the talent that where he is looking for on the offensive line although as much as I would love to see him stay in New England I would also like to see him in Tennessee

  2. Doesn’t really matter where Tom Brady ends up at though he is Tom Brady so whatever team whatever organization it may be they will be a great king they can’t not be put Tom Brady playing basketball he would be great at 2 can you tell I’m a Tom Brady fan go tb12

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