Patriots Fans React To Cam Newton’s Jacob Blake Message

Patriots Fans React To Cam Newton’s Jacob Blake Message

Patriots Fans React To Cam Newton’s Jacob Blake Message

New England Patriots fans reacted to Cam Newton’s Jacob Blake message in a very telling way.

Blake, 29, was shot multiple times by police officer Rusten Sheskey in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The incident prompted many in the sports community to speak out on the subjects of racial injustice and police brutality.

Newton, who signed with New England this offseason, was one of the athletes who decided to offer his opinion.

“What’s going on in this country of ours at times is extremely disgusting,” he said.

“And until we find a fix, then more than ever we have to unify as one as much as possible. From the Black Lives Matter campaign to the social injustice, bringing awareness with that, to just everybody becoming more aware of certain things, and not necessarily turning their ear, turning their face with things that are extremely blatant.”

In particular, the former league MVP stressed the role athletes have when it comes to being vocal regarding these matters.

“We have to use our platform to raise awareness for issues like this,” he said.

“We’re going through so much from COVID-19 — this is an election year with voting and making everybody aware to vote — and having issues that still are pertinent in our society and our community and (we’re) still not seeing things done. You just have to stay focused and impact the things that you can impact most.

“For me, I do try to bring awareness to the environment I’m in each and every day from my children, from having open discussions in the locker room, not just with all Black players, with Caucasians as well, or whatever the race may be. I think that’s the start the we can all impact change in our own right.”

Needless to say, the reaction to Newton’s statement from Patriots fans was mixed. Some praised him for speaking out, while others bashed him for his views.

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Patriots Fans Will Need To Get Used To Cam Newton

Whether New England fans like it or not, this won’t be the last time Newton will speak out on matters that are important to him. He is one of the league’s most charismatic, recognizable faces, and with that comes a certain level of media attention.

Moreover, social justice in sports is not going away. That is just a fact.

Regardless of how anyone feels about it, athletes have decided that they’ve been given the green light to speak out on topics that are important to them, and they are going to continue doing that going forward.

Times have changed, and fans will either need to get on board with that or get out.

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  1. So raise awareness of the 450 black people who were shot dead by other black people in Chicago this year.

    Oh, wait, not enough ‘hate whitey’ in that program….

  2. Awareness? Who isn’t aware? We’re well aware of your false narrative and we dismiss it because we care about the facts. Keep preaching at your fans and watch us abandon you just like we did the NBA.

  3. I’m soooooo done with all sports, except maybe golf. They can take all their political opinions, Butt Lick Mother’s, Social Jokester Weenies, and whatever else and shove it up there A$$.

  4. I believe black, brown, yellow, and white lives matter. I KNOW that BLACK LIVES MATTER is an organization that follows teaching of Karl Marx with objective of turning our country into a Communist nation. Given the frayed nerves in this country due to pandemic and lockdown; most fans in this country are not interested in multi-million dollar athletes lecturing on race relations while ignoring the thousands of black on black crimes being reported every week. I promise not to shoot anyone of any color and ask pro athletes to stop getting into bar fights or domestic assault episodes. If that’s not fair I’ll end my allegiance to the NFL and live on college football.

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