Patrick Mahomes Parties With Women Amid Brittany Mahomes Separation

Patrick Mahomes Parties With Women Amid Brittany Mahomes Separation

Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, are arguably the biggest power couple in the NFL right now.

While Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift often make more headlines for things like him breaking one of her cardinal rules in Las Vegas and him abruptly leaving Australia after a handsy photo with another famous singer, Patrick and Brittany have reigned atop professional football ever since Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen broke up.

This week, Brittany took to social media to share photos of herself on what appeared to be a wild boat party without her man.

Not long after, videos surfaced of Patrick partying it up with scantily clad women in Las Vegas:

Obviously people immediately began to draw various conclusions about the state of their relationship, but the reality is that married couples go on separate vacations all the time.

Just because there is physical separation between them doesn’t mean there is anything wrong.

Again, though – Patrick and Brittany are likely used to the scrutiny at this point.

Just in the last few weeks alone Brittany has set the internet ablaze for her racy workout pictures, memorable encounter with Post Malone and questionable tipping behavior.

This most recent incident is just part for the course.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off winning their second straight championship and third overall in the Patrick Mahomes Era.

Understandably, because of that, all parties involved are partying nonstop right now whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Soon enough the celebrations will need to stop and the preparation for next season will need to begin, though.

At the moment, Patrick and Brittany are the undeniable Kings and Queens of pro football. Their ability to retain that status will ultimately depend on whether the Chiefs can win another championship in 2024.

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