Pat Beverley Responds To Michele Roberts Incident

Pat Beverley Responds To Michele Roberts Incident

Pat Beverley Responds To Michele Roberts Incident

Patrick Beverley has responded to the Michele Roberts incident that occurred on Wednesday evening.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard was said to have repeatedly interrupted Roberts as she tried to explain the financial ramifications of a potential player strike. After multiple interruptions, Roberts reportedly asked Beverley if she could speak.

To that, Beverley is said to have replied, “No, I pay your salary.”

On Friday, Beverley was asked to clarify what precisely transpired between him and Roberts two days ago.

“We had a very interesting conversation,” he said.

“The PA is like a family. I’m pretty sure with everyone here, all the cameras pointed to me, we’re all a family. We don’t always agree with your family members and that’s okay. You communicate about it and you try to make it better.

“Whatever the dialogue was, or whatever you think it is, we made things better yesterday meeting with the owners and that’s the most important thing.”

Interestingly enough, Beverley opted not to confirm the quotes that had been attributed to him in that Wednesday night meeting. Of course, he didn’t deny them either.

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Pat Beverley Was One Of Many Players Pushing For Change

Beverley, regardless of what he said at that particular meeting, was one of several players pushing for change.

On Friday, that change came.

In a statement released by the NBA and NBPA, a series of steps were outlined regarding how all parties involved would move forward.

“These commitments follow months of close collaboration around designing a safe and healthy environment to restart the NBA season, providing a platform to promote social justice, as well as creating an NBA Foundation focused on economic empowerment in the Black community,” the statement read.

“We look forward to the resumption of the playoffs and continuing to work together — in Orlando and in all NBA team markets — to push for meaningful and sustainable change.”

For now it appears as though a crisis has been averted. When the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their Game 5 and initiated a player-led NBA strike, the season looked to be in serious peril. Fortunately, things did not go too far.

NBA games will resume this weekend.

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