Pam Oliver’s Appearance During Falcons Game Causes Concern (Photos)

Pam Oliver’s Appearance During Falcons Game Causes Concern (Photos)

Pam Oliver’s appearance during Sunday’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints caused concern among fans.

On a football weekend that saw ESPN’s Sam Ponder cause a stir with her wild new hairstyle, it would take a lot to steal the sports media spotlight away from her.

Oliver did it, though.

Fans at home couldn’t help but notice something troubling about Oliver’s appearance during the Falcons game:

This isn’t the first time Oliver has made headlines for something like this. Earlier in November, folks at home also couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her during a San Francisco 49ers game. Their questions were ultimately answered.

It will be interesting to see if that happens again this weekend.

Oliver is a deeply respected sports media personality, but it feels like she lands in the news cycle for this kind of thing pretty regularly.

Thus far, she has yet to publicly acknowledge the criticism she gets on a seemingly weekly basis.

Will Oliver ultimately come out and address the questions and critiques she gets every Sunday? Time will tell.

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