Paige Spiranac’s Nude Photo Leak Changed Her Outlook

Paige Spiranac’s Nude Photo Leak Changed Her Outlook

Paige Spiranac’s Nude Photo Leak Changed Her Outlook

Paige Spiranac’s nude photo leak changed her outlook on sending nudes in general.

Prior to the leak, Spiranac was much more carefree about the whole experience. She viewed it as a relatively harmless activity with few potential drawbacks and ramifications.

When Spiranac’s private photographs were leaked, however, she saw the dark side of the whole process. At that point, her outlook changed.

Spiranac admitted this much during a recent podcast.

“I learned the hard way,” she acknowledged.

“I was carefree and I didn’t think twice about it. That was just my thing, I would send pictures because I didn’t like sexting, or doing things over Facetime or talking dirty.”

Eventually Spiranac came up with a better system, though.

“If a guy is asking for a picture, you also have to return the picture with another picture. It is not that I really care to see it, it’s more just collateral. I need to have something of yours, because you have something of mine.”

The rationale there obviously makes a lot of sense. There is a far better chance of mutually assured destruction when all parties involved have something to lose or be embarrassed about.

Spiranac is one of the most popular golf influencers on the planet. She has a successful podcast called “You Got Game” and owns over 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

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