Paige Spiranac’s 2-Word Take On Ben Roethlisberger’s Last Steelers Game

Paige Spiranac’s 2-Word Take On Ben Roethlisberger’s Last Steelers Game

Paige Spiranac is best known for being the most popular and well-regarded golf influencer on the planet.

That said, her interests extend beyond just the sport of golf.

In recent years, Spiranac’s love for the sport of football has begun to show itself more and more in her social media posts.

As a result of that, and because she is a known Pittsburgh Steelers fan, many wondered how Spiranac ultimately felt about this past Monday night’s game between the Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

Coming into the outing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger strongly hinted that it would likely be his final game. Given that he is one of the biggest and most successful stars of his generation, obviously that marked a pretty momentous occasion.

On Monday, Spiranac was asked point blank how she felt watching Roethlisberger take the field one final time.

Spiranac offered a very blunt two-word response to that question.

Spiranac has made headlines in the past for mocking Roethlisberger, so this was a noticeable shift in tone.

Given the emotions that went into Monday’s outing – it’s not particularly surprising that Steelers fans would take a softer stance.

Roethlisberger ultimately went 24 for 46 for 123 passing yards, one touchdown and one pick on the night en route to a 26-14 victory. It wasn’t the prettiest of showings, but this game won’t be remembered for anyone’s stat line. It will be looked back on for moments like this:

Spiranac obviously doesn’t usually make headlines for her Steelers analysis. Generally it’s for something more along the lines of her outrageous photos, seductive Halloween costumes or polarizing commentary on men staring at her chest.

That said, on Roethlisberger’s last night as the starting quarterback of the Steelers – it’s nice that she had the opportunity to ultimately express what the moment meant to her.

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