Packers vs 49ers Winner Is Clear, Says Vegas

Packers vs 49ers Winner Is Clear, Says Vegas

Packers vs 49ers Winner Is Clear, Says Vegas

The Packers vs 49ers winner is clear, says Vegas.

Although both Green Bay and San Francisco are widely regarded as being very tough teams, one is a clear favorite heading into the NFC Championship Game.

At least according to odds makers.

On Sunday evening, Las Vegas odds makers released their initial line for next weekend and the Niners have emerged as pretty clear favorites.

According to the odds makers, the Niners are seven-point favorites at the moment.

Obviously that can change between now and gameday, but that is where the number currently stands.

Some were a bit surprised at the perceived gap between these two teams given how good both looked in the divisional round, but it does make sense.

When the 49ers and Packers squared off at the end of November, the latter lost by 29 points.

Will history repeat itself next weekend? Time will tell.

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