Packers Fan’s Cheese Bra Goes Viral During Bengals Preseason Game

Packers Fan’s Cheese Bra Goes Viral During Bengals Preseason Game

The Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals squared off in a preseason game this week.

Because Joe Burrow didn’t play and Jordan Love participated in a mere two drives, there wasn’t much in the way of active football storylines to follow in the outing.

As a result, the announcing team was forced to make its own fun.

One of the viral moments that ended up blowing up online as a result was Kevin Harlan taking note of a Packers fan’s cheese bra.

Fans reacted to Harlan’s viral clip immediately.

They flocked to social media to offer their thoughts on the matter.

Much like when a Minnesota Vikings fan went viral last season for staring at a Philadelphia Eagles fan’s butt, the fact that this cheese bra thing is a discussion point is simply the byproduct of how inconsequential preseason games are.

Yes, Love went 7-of-10 for 46 yards and a touchdown against the Bengals.

Does that tell us anything about how he will able to step into Aaron Rodgers’ shoes next year? Obviously not.

Sure, the Bengals got blown out by 17 points. Is that a sign of things to come when the regular season rolls around? Probably not.

The preseason, for better or worse, isn’t relevant. It’s just an opportunity for players and coaches alike to work themselves back into game shape ahead of the games that actually matter.

For that reason, viral stories like this cheese bra one persist.

Soon enough, the real football will commence once more.

What will the Packers ultimately end up looking like when it does? Time will tell.

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