Packers Fans Accuse Seahawks Of Cheating

Packers Fans Accuse Seahawks Of Cheating

Packers Fans Accuse Seahawks Of Cheating

Packers fans accused Seahawks of cheating during the game.

Early in Sunday’s showdown between Green Bay and Seattle, a controversial call got things off to a rocky start.

With the Packers up 7-0, the home team forced a fumble on Seattle’s first drive of the game.

Unfortunately, after an officiating break, the refs ruled that the Seahawks player was down by contact.

A review showed that this clearly was not the case.

Despite that, Seattle retained control of the ball.

Needless to say, the crowd at Lambeau was not happy with what transpired and let the referees know. Boos and expletives rained down on the officiating crew.

Fortunately, the Packers were able to collect themselves on the drive and force Seattle to punt the ball.

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