Ominous Reason For Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Absence

Ominous Reason For Tom Brady’s Buccaneers Absence

Tom Brady returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past week after taking an extended break from training camp.

At no point before, during or after that temporary sabbatical did he or anyone from the organization offer insight into what happened or why he so abruptly decided to do it.

That coupled with word of how “miserable” he has been looking at Bucs practice led to a lot of speculation.

This past week Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and offered some ominous-sounding insight into why Brady took his break.

“It’s not a vacation. Let’s put it that way,” Stroud told Patrick. “Was it necessary for him to be with his family? I think so. Did they have it planned before training camp? Yeah, they would have.”

Stroud didn’t stop there, though.

“I think we’ll find out a reason here, whether Brady announces it or it just gets out,” he added.

“That it’s personal, and he’ll talk about it when he’s ready to.”

Above all else, Stroud seemed to confirm that there is a there there as far as this whole thing goes.

“There is something there,” he confirmed. “Let’s put it that way.”

Mind you, Brady did retire and unretire just this past offseason. And although the real reason why he did it emerged at one point, it’s still objectively bizarre behavior by a guy who has been pretty straightlaced throughout his pro career.

It’s hard not to feel like was maybe Paige Spiranac’s blunt critique was a little more warranted than people realized when the retirement situation happened.

Brady is arguably the greatest football player of all time. There is no denying his accolades or his accomplishments.

But something is off here.

Will the public ever know what “something” is causing this situation?

Time will tell.

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