Olivia Dunne’s Provocative Video In LSU Locker Room Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne’s Provocative Video In LSU Locker Room Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne’s provocative video in the LSU locker room caused quite the stir this week.

Over the past month and change Dunne has blown up online for everything ranging from her bath tub photos to her racy hotel room selfies to her now-infamous ‘nippy’ video.

In that respect, her setting the internet ablaze this weekend shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

On Saturday, a series of videos of Dunne inside the LSU locker room nearly melted the internet:

@livvy this trend just doesnt get easier #foryou #lsu #gymnastics ♬ original sound – DJZHY

@livvy 😔 #foryou #lsu #gymnastics #umg ♬ Fluffing a Duck – Kevin MacLeod

Again, Dunne is no stranger to going viral. She has done so over the past few months for her wild hotel room video, her racy party outfit and her provocative stretching video.

Her popularity is so great, in fact, that it has even bled over to her family. Dunne’s sister has blown up online as of late for everything ranging from her extremely racy videos to her wild outfits to going out wearing no shirt at all.

That is the level of fame that Dunne possesses at this juncture.

Key to her success, of course, is the fact that on top of being a massive social media influencer – she is also a really talented gymnast.

While Dunne has obviously entered the larger cultural zeitgeist for multiple reasons, the thing that initially propelled her was her skillset on the mats.

She can still back all the hype up where it matters most.

By any objective measure, Dunne had a really successful 2023 campaign.

One that most people wouldn’t be able to top.

That being said, Dunne isn’t like most people.

Will 2024 prove to be the most successful year of Dunne’s career? Time will tell.

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