OJ Simpson Bedroom Video With 3 Women Leaks Out

OJ Simpson Bedroom Video With 3 Women Leaks Out

O.J. Simpson is one of the most polarizing personalities in American sports culture.

At one point in time, Simpson was a beloved football player who put together Hall of Fame-caliber careers at both the collegiate and professional levels. He utilized the adoration he received from those avenues and converted it into a growingly successful entertainment career.

Unfortunately, that isn’t what he is actually known for nowadays. What Simpson is known for now is for being tried for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Although he was initially acquitted of the murders in criminal court, he was later found responsible for both deaths in a civil trial.

Because of the complex racial dynamics at play in that trial, a video that went viral this past week stirred up a lot of old emotions.

The video largely speaks for itself:

As described by, it showcased a “group of young white women wake up a shirtless O.J Simpson in bed at 1am.” Details are scarce on what precisely any of the parties are actually doing there, but the imagery is definitely striking.

Reactions poured in immediately:

This isn’t the first time Simpson’s provocative videos have gone viral. A clip of him trying to kiss a woman recently blew up the internet.

And then of course there was that whole brouhaha involving his “controversial” hat.

All in all, at this point, it’s undeniable that Simpson is an irreplaceable part of the larger sports cultural zeitgeist. For better or worse – he isn’t going anywhere.

What will he ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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