Oilers Fan Takes Her Shirt Off At NHL Playoff Game (Video)

Oilers Fan Takes Her Shirt Off At NHL Playoff Game (Video)

The Edmonton Oilers have been one of the most impressive teams of the NHL playoffs this year. Consistently, across the board, the group has been playing extremely well.

It goes without saying that the Dallas Stars are no joke – but the Oilers have still found a way to outplay them for large swaths of the series.

Kris Knoblauch’s squad hasn’t just been impressive on the ice, though. The team’s fans have really stolen the show.

This week, an Oilers fan went viral when she decided to flash the card in a moment of pure, unfiltered joy.

The video speaks for itself. As do the reactions:

“Hockey chicks always been superior,” one fan remarked.

“Might be awkward when she walks into the office on Monday morning,” a second person laughed.

“Maybe I should start going to more hockey games,” a third person chimed in.

This year’s NHL playoffs have been arguably the most interesting ones the league has put on in years. Just fun stuff across the board, on and off the ice. The Oilers fan who went viral this past weekend was just the latest example.

What crazy shenanigans will NHL fans get up to as the 2024 playoffs ultimately wind down? Time will tell.

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