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Ohio State vs Clemson Winner Is Clear, Says Computer Model

Ohio State vs Clemson Winner Is Clear, Says Computer Model

Ohio State vs Clemson Winner Is Clear, Says Computer Model

The Ohio State vs Clemson winner is clear, says a computer model.

There are a lot of interesting bowl games set to take place over the next few weeks, but none more so than the College Football Playoff showdown between Ohio State and Clemson.

The No. 2 ranked Buckeyes and No. 3 ranked Tigers took very interesting paths to get to this point.

Clemson came into the season as the No. 1 team in the nation and a lock for the National Championship Game. As the year progressed, critics began to point to a weak schedule and slowly downgraded it in the polls.

Ultimately, the Tigers still made it into the College Football Playoff, but as a three-seed.

Ohio State, meanwhile came into the season with everyone doubting how the program would do this year. The departure of Urban Meyer was supposed to take them out of the conference title race for good.

It didn’t, of course.

The Buckeyes looked as dominant as ever this year and earned themselves the No. 2 spot inn the College Football Playoff.

A lot of people event went as far as to say Ohio State deserved to hold the No. 1 rank.

Recently, a computer model was put in place to determine the winners of looming bowl games.

According to the model, Ohio State has a 60.1 percent chance of winning the Fiesta Bowl.

Moreover, the same model suggests that the Buckeyes will win this game by 5.1 points.

Will Clemson be able to score the upset and return to the title game? Or will Ohio State continue rolling, much as it has all year long.

We’ll get the answers to all our questions in just under two weeks.

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