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Ohio State Thinks Clemson Cheated In Fiesta Bowl

Ohio State Thinks Clemson Cheated In Fiesta Bowl

Ohio State Thinks Clemson Cheated In Fiesta Bowl

Ohio State thinks Clemson cheated in the Fiesta Bowl and was awarded the win by referees.

That appears to be the running theme of the postgame comments coming from head coach Ryan Day and athletic director Gene Smith.

Clemson beat Ohio State in the closing moments of Saturday’s outing 29-23 following a game-ending Justin Fields interception.

Over the course of the evening, there were multiple controversial calls that did not end up going the Buckeyes’ way.

“There were just a lot of plays in that game that didn’t…go our way,” Day said afterwards.

“One reason or another.

“It was hard to look guys in the eye, knowing how hard they played, how well they played.”

Among the objectionable officiating decisions were a targeting ejection and an overturned fumble.

The Buckeyes were leading Clemson 16-0 prior to the ejection.

Smith was particularly ticked off about the overturned fumble, angrily texting Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports about it during the game.

“Terry McAulay is 100-percent correct!!! Unreal!!” Smith texted, adding “Feel free to share how pissed I am.”

Despite how the Buckeyes feel about what transpired, they did have the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win it all.

Now they will be forced to watch from home as No. 1 ranked LSU and No. 3 ranked Clemson will square off for the National Championship.

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Charles Kruger

Charles Kruger has been credentialed to cover two Super Bowls, four NBA Finals, and one World Series. A 20-year veteran in the sports world, he has sources spanning the NBA, MLB, NFL, UFC and NASCAR. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Calif., he is Game 7's go-to source for rumors surrounding the Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers.


    1. Yeah, was it as bad as that bs PI in 2002 against Miami. No. So shut up Buckeyes and still celebrate your old undeserving national championship. I can’t believe Geno Smith got room to complain. They’re just not stand up people

      1. That an AD would act so unprofessionally is rather amazing. Not his first time he’s not been a leader.
        Come on Gene, be a pro, for once, even those of us in the northern part of the country rooted against you.
        Maybe it’s the politicians fault

    2. None of the officials from the last 2 games should be allowed to officiate ever again. It was atrocious on both sides of the ball . These guys get paid to do a job they need to do right not decide who wins big games. By the way , i’m not a fan of any of those teams so you can’t call me biased . It was just plain crummy officiating .

      1. I don’t care for either team. I am an official. I would like to know which calls were terrible for both teams? It was a well officiated game. Both big calls were the correct call. ??????

      2. I agree , I’ve been an Alabama fan all my life I was born and breed here , I’m sorry that the official did a terrible job on this game but it’s got to the point where they won’t let the players play , their flag happy and the instant replay is a joke and was a joke in this game . Ohio had this game stolen from them because of bad officials calls .

    3. I agree with the corrupt official should not be allowed to officiate again. All this prove is that college football is big business and Clemson brings more money to the next game. It’s all a sham.

    4. None you bussiness you must be related to Dabo or maybe yall just butt buddies. Clemson screws everybody they can to get a W. Thy’re team sucks so they gotta pay the officials, use voodoo before the kickoff ( that one disn’t work) pump their players full of steroids. You name it Dabo does it. Cheatingest MF in the history of the game.

    5. Ahh. The deep rich satisfaction of seeing the fan base in anguish. Why? Because of the non-stop incessant whining. Not the players, they have carried themselves with class.

      How come it’s ok to have benefitted from the UM phantom PI call, but not when the shoe is on the other foot?

      Grief counselors are available around COLUMBUS.

  1. Ohio State! Just get over it! Every game has plays and calls that could have gone either way! That’s the human nature of all games. If Ohio State’s Coach and administrators can’t understand that, they just don’t need to be in the sports world! The bottom line is Ohio State lost the game! Ohio State had several trips in the red zone, but we’re unable to produce a touchdown! Ohio State, your season is OVER!

    1. are you idiots, or what. I’m not involved but ohio state took the bad end of all the calls, even having ruling on the field overturned…they have a good gripe. This is the propblem with human refs….they are corrupt.

      1. Where was all the complaining Buckeyes in 2002 when they was awarded a 1st in goal on a non pass interference call against Miami in the National Title game???? There was no complaining on the horrible call….

      2. As an official I could care less who wins. We officiate zones and specific areas. Calling them corrupt is just idiotic. How do you plan to not have human officials. You would have a penalty on every play. Even with human officials that could occur. The reason not every play has one is because the foul must impact the play unless safety related. You really need to take the personal feelings out of it. It is a difficult job.The two high profile plays were correctly called.

    2. If you think that was a good call say so! The zebras on the field called it a touchdown! The problem was in the replay booth. Same place they decided a 6foot6 qb was targeted by a 6 foot. D back with head to head contact. Bottom line is us whinney Buckeye fans dont apreciate some unseen un named a hole determining our entire season! BY THE WAY THE REPLAY BOOTH STOPPED THE GAME TO THROW HIM OUT. NOT the ref on the field.

  2. Doubt the Buckeye’s team gives a Damn. They will not be watching the Nat Champ game.

    The officials are corrupt. ACC and SEC and ESPN are in bed together. Face it.

    1. Bitch, cry and whine. Does anyone of you believe that OS is the only team to ever have bad call go against them? If OS depended on those two calls to win the game, then they’re not the great team you think they are. Bottom line is, they lost, get over it. And you would think that their coach would show a little more class than to cry and wine on national tv. Guess not.

      1. That’s a good point. If a few bad calls are what cost you the game against the number 3 team, then maybe you shouldn’t even be ranked in the top 5 or maybe even top 10. Blaming the refs and saying Clemson cheated is a sad excuse for a top ranked team, coach, and AD. But, that’s how it is when you actually play a true top ranked team. You lose.

      2. Leslie ” so let me get this straight. In order for tOSU to be considered a great team they need to be able to withstand a bunch of bad calls by the officials and still be able to win the game? Hahaha I love your Dabo logic

  3. This headline is terribly misleading. Clemson benefitted from terrible calls by the SEC refs. That’s all. They didn’t cheat, and no Buckeye should indicate they did. That said, the game appeared to be called with two different standards for downfield contact and holding allowed on pass protection.

  4. What a bunch of cry babies. Poor sports. Poor losers. I hate OS but, I respected them for the game they played last night. But now,,, after all their belly aching. Remember this Buckeyes. What goes around,,,,, eventually comes around. Like the national championship you stole from Miami several years ago, via a bad official’s call at the end of the game. Remeber????? Suck it up, Buckeyes.

  5. Imagine this. Things are turned around, and those same plays are executed by Ohio State, and the calls go against Clemson, and Ohio State wins the game, and Clemson accuses them of cheating. I guess it would be okay then, wouldn’t it?

    1. Fuck Clemson they had so many non calls it was unbelievable I replayed the game and stopped the parts that were face masks and holding a fumble jk Dobbins three feet over the white line in the end one before loosing control so fuck all you people from the espn sec acc all owned by espn

  6. We won fair and square…. LMFAO…. Refs have helped teams win games before and they will again in the future. Anything involving a ton of money will be corrupt. I wish the best team won, but Clemson was helped to victory by corrupt officiating. I don’t like Ohio State, but facts are facts.

  7. Yeah, was it as bad as that bs PI in 2002 against Miami. No. So shut up Buckeyes and still celebrate your old undeserving national championship. I can’t believe Geno Smith got room to complain. They’re just not stand up people

  8. None of the officials from the last 2 games should be allowed to officiate ever again. It was atrocious on both sides of the ball . These guys get paid to do a job they need to do right not decide who wins big games. By the way , i’m not a fan of any of those teams so you can’t call me biased . It was just plain crummy officiating .

  9. I am not a Buckeyes fan but after looking at the replay I understand why the coach is upset. It was 100% the worst overturned call that I have ever seen. The officials are not supposed yo overturn it unless the call on the field is obviously wrong. This replay confirmed that the call on the field was obviously correct. The receiver had complete control for two full steps before he lost the ball.

  10. Typical Buckeyes always whining and complaining when things don’t go there way, pretty bold statement from a team that’s been caught cheating before paying players, given grades and they are never wrong, quit the non sense accept you got beat crybabies….

    1. Penis climpsun: typicsl climpsun fan alwsys willing to cheat like a MF. and take up for Dabo everytime he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Which is most of the time. Lsst year he had all his players jacked up on steroids. This year he brought his officials like he did the year they screwed Bama with the 2 illegsl pucks for touchdowns. Dabo Seinney has learned how to cheat and not get caught. He is a complete and total disgrace to the coaching profession. I hope when coach Saban retires he keeps his sorry ass at Clemson. Their fans deserve him and vise versa.

  11. Maybe the calls went in Clemsons favor. How is that cheating? Clemson had the refs in their pocket? Paid them off? Please stop. Ohio had ample opportunity to win the game, throws 2 picks, the last being a potential game winner. Investigate the QB and WR involved on that last play maybe they had money on the game?

  12. As someone who previously admired Clemson, OS was obviously robbed in the Fiesta bowl. The refs literally handed Clemson 2 TDs and denied OS an obvious one and called a series of marginal calls very harsely and all vs OS and Clemson was completely outplayed outside of ref calls for 90% of the game. For the sake of NCAA sports integrity a commision of inquiry is urgently needed.

  13. Cheated? As a Buckeye fan I don’t see anyone claiming Clemson cheated. Alot of fans may feel cheated because of a bad call, which is not uncommon at all. I mean, we aren’t even a year removed from Louisiana natives attempting to sue the NFL over a missed PI. But to make a headline like this is just click bait and shit journalism. Congrats, Charles Kruger!

  14. Most of you knuckleheads have never played a team sport. OSU is upset, because they played hard and want to game solely decided on the field. Every game has bad calls and this game is no exception. OSU had chances to win, which they did not utilize. So the loss is on their shoulders. But the SEC officiating crew missed some clear calls. Dobbins diving score in the endzone, and the clear fumble. 14 points off the board after losing their top defensive player. Clemson was on the ropes, so don’t act like OSU nation are being sore losers. They got crushed by a less talented Purdue team last year and did not cry fix. I simply believe SEC refs should ha e been replaced by PAC 12 refs. No conflict of interest. Bottom line. A good team won, and the o th her team has to understand, just like a boxing match, never leave it up to the judges or refs.

  15. This would have NEVER happened in the past. Woody Hayes would have punched the officials out. Urban Meyer would have had his assistants
    punch out the officials wives. Jim Tressel would have bought them championship rings they could sell.

  16. Every fan thinks bad calls cost them games. Bottom line. Come out kick their asses and leave no doubt.
    OS is used to blowing teams out. Clemson also.
    Like they say in boxing dont leave it up to the judges, knock their ass out!

  17. They didn’t have reviewed plays in 2002 to just blatantly on purpose make the wrong call. That was a reviewed call that was straight b.s. If Clemson wins title it should be in “asterisks”. Cause they got their ass whipped by the o.h.i.o.

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