Odell Beckham Reveals Which Team He Wants To Play For

Odell Beckham Reveals Which Team He Wants To Play For

Odell Beckham Reveals Which Team He Wants To Play For

Odell Beckham has revealed which team he wants to play for, it appears.

Two weeks ago Jay Glazer reported that Beckham was visibly unhappy with the Cleveland Browns and had been publicly asking other teams to trade for him.

Yahoo! Sports NFL insider Charles Robinson then came out one week later and confirmed Glazer’s report.

On Wednesday of this week, Beckham came out and tried to reassure Cleveland faithful that he is not actually trying to go anywhere.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said.

“I’ll be here. We’ll figure this thing out. It’s just too special to leave.”

Needless to say, many don’t quite believe that sentiment .

This week, Stephen A. Smith addressed the issue on First Take and said that he is fairly confident that Beckham will be moved eventually.

Smith also said that Beckham never wanted to go to Cleveland – he wanted to go to Los Angeles.

“He really wanted to be in LA, not Cleveland, Ohio,” Smith said.

Smith did not specify if by LA he meant the Rams or Chargers, but clearly neither is the Browns.

Will Beckham ultimately end up going to either Los Angeles team? Time will tell.

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