North Carolina Fans Accuse Duke Of Cheating In Win

North Carolina Fans Accuse Duke Of Cheating In Win

North Carolina Fans Accuse Duke Of Cheating In Win

North Carolina fans accused Duke of cheating in its win on Saturday night.

This weekend’s showdown between the Tar Heels and Blue Devils was way better than it had any business of being.

Most people anticipated that Duke would simply roll over a North Carolina squad that is in the midst of a clear down year, but that is not what ended up happening.

Roy Williams’ squad showed heart and grit throughout the entire outing and ultimately almost pulled out the victory.


Unfortunately for North Carolina faithful, Duke was able to capitalize on some lucky bounces and questionable calls en route to a 98-96 win.

After the game, some North Carolina fans were livid at one particular bad call that may have decided the final outcome. The word “cheating” was used more than once.

With North Carolina up by one and 10 seconds left, they inbounded the ball towards Andrew Platek.

Platek was pretty clearly fouled on the play by Wendell Moore Jr., but the refs did not call it. Moreover, Duke seemingly knocked the ball out of Platek’s hands, which should have led to the Tar Heels getting possession – but Duke somehow was given possession.

Ultimately Tre Jones ended up making one free throw to tie the game and then missed one with 6.6 seconds remaining. Moore ended up getting control of the basketball and a timely basket to give Duke the win.

When it was all said and done, the Tar Heels squandered a 13-point lead with five minutes remaining in the outing. So it is hard to feel too sorry for them.

But there is still no denying that the officiating at the end of the game may have determined the final outcome.

The victory moved Duke to 20-3 on the season and North Carolina to 10-13.

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