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Nick Saban Thinks Auburn Cheated Against Alabama

Nick Saban Thinks Auburn Cheated Against Alabama

Nick Saban Thinks Auburn Cheated Against Alabama

Nick Saban thinks Auburn cheated against Alabama on Saturday.

Heading into Saturday’s big Iron Bowl showdown, there was a lot on the line for the Crimson Tide.

Win and get an opportunity to still make the College Football Playoff. Lose and your regular season is over.

Ultimately Alabama found itself on the wrong end of a 48-45 final score.

After the game, Saban did not handle the defeat particularly gracefully. Instead, he took issue with the final sequence of the game.

Down by three with around a minute left in the fourth, Saban thought Alabama would get the ball back.

Before punting the ball away, Auburn lined up their punter at the receiver position. This completely confused Alabama and they attempted to sub in a bunch of players to match up with Auburn’s formation.

Unfortunately, in the process, Alabama lined up with 12 men on the field. This caused a penalty, which led to a first down, which ended the game.

After the game, Saban accused Gus Malzahn of being “unfair” during that particular sequence of events.

“Pretty unfair play at the end of the game,” he said.

Apparently in Saban’s mind, someone outcoaching him is akin to cheating. It is “unfair” to beat him.

They say you can learn a lot from a person based on how they handle defeat – and thanks to his postgame comments we sure did learn a lot about Saban.

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  1. It was cheating. Saban was not out coached. Auburn cheated! The field goal with 0.00 time left and the cheating where the guy lined up illegally! When we lose fair and square, I say so, but this was not the case! Everybody hates us and our championships. Jealousy! The refs are biased against us a lot! Our team has to beat refs to beat the other team! Ask Georgia if Auburn cheats. They will agree.

    1. Cry me a river. It was not cheating. Leaving an offense on the field is not cheating and substituting a punter in isn’t against the rules. Auburn keeping the offense on the field is what caught bama off guard. That isnt agaisnt any rule.

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