Nick Saban Explains Why He Prefers College Game To NFL

Nick Saban Explains Why He Prefers College Game To NFL

Nick Saban Explains Why He Prefers College Game To NFL

Nick Saban explained why he prefers the college game to the NFL during a recent interview.

Appearing on the Sean Pittman Show this past week, the Alabama head coach opened up about his thought process as it pertains to the pro game versus the collegiate game.

“I just felt like we could control our own destiny in college a lot better, and I love college football because I thought you could have a greater impact on young people at the 18- to 22-year-old timeframe, alright,” Saban said.

“And I love the NFL and I love the players … but your leadership and your influence and the kind of program that you can have to try to get players to do things that are going to help them be more successful in life, probably you can have a greater impact in college than you can in the NFL.

“I’ve always enjoyed that. My family always enjoyed it. My wife’s always been really involved with it. We’ve been very happy being in college football.

“But sometimes you learn about yourself when you do things like go to the NFL and you learn about yourself – ‘Oh, this is not exactly what I thought it was going to be. Look what I left. I left something that I loved.’ And I loved it at LSU, when I left LSU to go to the Miami Dolphins. You live and learn, I guess.”

It is probably safe to assume that Saban will not be taking any NFL jobs anytime soon.

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