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Nick Saban Explains How Tua Tagovailoa Can Improve

Nick Saban Explains How Tua Tagovailoa Can Improve

Nick Saban Explains How Tua Tagovailoa Can Improve

Nick Saban explained how Tua Tagovailoa can improve once he enters the NFL.

Although the Alabama coach has consistently maintained that his former star will be a phenomenal player at the next level in the NFL, he insists there is still room for improvement.

In a conversation with ESPN analyst Rece Davis, Saban said that Tagovailoa has one thing he needs to fix.

“Look, I think Tua needs to learn a little bit about self-preservation,” Saban said.

“I think most of his injuries [at Alabama] occurred after he got rid of the ball. He didn’t have to take the hit that he took.

“And I think that he is a great competitor and he’s always trying to make a play, so you don’t want to take that competitive spirit away, but I do think there is a time when he needs to get rid of the ball so he doesn’t get hit. But everything else he can do as a quarterback.”

Will Tagovailoa take Saban’s advice to heart? We’ll find out at some point this season.

Tagovailoa was taken Thursday by the Miami Dolphins with the fifth overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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