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Nick Saban Angrily Reacts To Scott Cochran Leaving Alabama For Georgia

Nick Saban Angrily Reacts To Scott Cochran Leaving Alabama For Georgia

Nick Saban Angrily Reacts To Scott Cochran Leaving Alabama For Georgia

Nick Saban angrily reacted to Scott Cochran leaving Alabama for Georgia in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable.

Essentially, he thanked his former strength and conditioning coach for his service, but then threw a little jab at him by saying he was departing because Alabama did not feel like he was good enough to give him the job he ultimately got with Georgia.

This week, news came out that Cochran was leaving the Crimson Tide to become the Bulldogs’ new special teams coordinator.

Saban and Cochran had worked together dating back to the former’s days as head coach of LSU, so the news was met with some surprise.

Speaking to ESPN college football insider Chris Low on Monday afternoon, Saban said that while Cochran had done a great job behind the scenes at Alabama, he was not willing to let him move to an on-field position. Apparently, that is something Cochran had wanted to do for some time now.

Because Cochran did not see an opportunity opening up for him to do on-field work at Alabama, he jumped ship to a different SEC program that would permit him to grow career-wise.

“In talking today to Nick Saban, he’s quick to credit Scott Cochran for what he meant to Alabama football,” Low tweeted out.

“But Saban also told me Cochran wanted to pursue a new career path as an on-the-field coach, which Saban understands, but Saban wasn’t ready to go that route with him at Bama.”

It is impossible to know for certain how important Cochran has been to Alabama’s success over the years. That is something we will get the answer to in the coming season.

But it is somewhat fascinating that Saban felt the need to come out and put a media spin on why someone he has worked with since 2007 opted to abruptly jump to a rival program.

Mind you, Saban could have simply said nothing about his move. He chose not to go that route, though.

Will Cochran ultimately have a significant impact on Georgia’s special teams? It is tough to say. We’ll get our answer once and for all one the 2020-21 season commences.

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