Dallas Cowboys’ Pitch To Tom Brady, According To NFL Insider

Dallas Cowboys’ Pitch To Tom Brady, According To NFL Insider

Dallas Cowboys’ Pitch To Tom Brady, According To NFL Insider

The Dallas Cowboys’ pitch to Tom Brady was presented this past week by NBC Sports NFL insider Mike Florio. It centered primarily around what Dallas could bring to the table that none of Brady’s other suitors could.

While it is unlikely that Brady will ultimately end up in Dallas or that the Cowboys will make a particularly strong push for him, Florio’s case was undeniably a compelling one.

“I am fascinated by the possibility of Jerry Jones saying to Dak Prescott, ‘Look, we’ve tried to sign you to a long-term contract,” Florio said.

“We have offered you umpteen different structures and figures and you continue to say no. So, I want to win a Super Bowl and I want to do it with Tom Brady.”

How precisely would Jones then secure Brady? Well, according to Florio, it would be by plainly laying out the case for what Dallas brings to the table that none of his other suitors can.

“Tom, we can give you an offensive line unlike any you’ve ever had, a running back unlike any you’ve ever had, receivers far better than this revolving door of mediocrity that you’re dealing with in New England,” he said.

“We got a new coach who’s trying to prove himself again — Mike McCarthy — and he’s won a Super Bowl. We will pay you a ton of money and you will be the quarterback of America’s Team.

“You will become America’s quarterback. We will talk to Roger Staubach about getting you No. 12. He will say it’s OK and we will go and get it done in the worst division in football.”

Beyond just appealing to Brady’s emotions, Florio thinks the Cowboys could also make the case that the NFC East provides the easiest path to a Super Bowl.

“See, you go to the AFC West, you gotta deal with Patrick Mahomes, you gotta play in Denver, where Tom Brady has a losing record,” he continued.

“You go to the NFC West. you gotta deal with the Rams and the Seahawks and the Cardinals, who are on the upswing. You go to the NFC East, you got a bunch of crap teams.

“You’re gonna be just like Tom Brady with the Patriots in the AFC East: run roughshod over the division, get the No. 1 seed, force the road to the Super Bowl to come through AT&T Stadium and the Cowboys get to the Super Bowl and Tom gets No. 7 and he walks off into the sunset.

“Jerry Jones can say, ‘Mission accomplished. I finally have a Super Bowl win with a team that I built.’”

Again, is the smart money on Brady ending up with Dallas? Absolutely not.

The New England Patriots are still the favorites to retain him on a two-year, $60 million deal.

If he does opt to leave, the future Hall of Famer will likely link up with the Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders before he goes to the Cowboys.

But is there a non-zero chance that Dallas is as much in the running as some of the other teams that have been linked to Brady, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans? Absolutely.

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