NHL Cameraman Can’t Stop Zooming In On Rachel Stuhlmann (Video)

NHL Cameraman Can’t Stop Zooming In On Rachel Stuhlmann (Video)

Tennis star Rachel Stuhlmann attended an NHL game this past week between the Calgary Flames and St. Louis Blues.

Stuhlmann has been developing a reputation for herself over the past year as the Paige Spiranac of tennis, and it seems to be working wonders for her star power.

As Stuhlmann was trying to take in the game, one overeager NHL cameraman simply could not stop zooming in on her.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Sports fans have seen this kind of thing before, most recently when an ESPN cameraman couldn’t keep his priorities straight at a college basketball game.

As such, the reactions to this particular incident flowed quite naturally.

Stuhlmann herself was a really good sport about what transpired as well.

The funny thing here is that this is something of a common thing at NHL games. Who could forget last year, when a woman behind the Dallas Stars bench captured the hearts of a nation?

Hockey has often struggled to capture mainstream attention, but they may have inadvertently stumbled onto a winning strategy here.

Will the league invite Stuhlmann out more often given the hubbub her presence at this particular outing raised?

Time will tell.

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