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NFL Rumors: Browns To Fire Freddie Kitchens, Hire Lincoln Riley?

NFL Rumors: Browns To Fire Freddie Kitchens, Hire Lincoln Riley?

NFL Rumors: Browns To Fire Freddie Kitchens, Hire Lincoln Riley?

What on earth happened to Cleveland?

They seemed to have all the talent in the world at their disposal. Their offense was supposed to be top 3 in the NFL, maybe even at #1. You have Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Nick Chubb, and Kareem Hunt at your disposal. Surely there’s no way to screw it up and miss the playoffs, right?

Or maybe there is.

Maybe it happens when you give a guy with no head coaching experience the reigns to your franchise. Maybe it happens when that guy can’t make the right decision in crunch time. Maybe when that guy has absolutely no control over his locker room.

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But Freddie Kitchens actively manages to be all three at once.

There is no doubt that he needs to be fired. The only question is who will replace him. And the best candidate for the job is one of the most brilliant offensive minds in football. His name is Lincoln Riley.

Why Riley? The answer is simple. He adjusts his offense yearly to the players he has. First Baker Mayfield, then Kyler Murray, then Jalen Hurts. Three different styles. Yet Riley’s offensive unit never seems to skip a beat. His teams have competed with Alabama the last 2 years – that says a lot about the type of defense they’ve been able to perform against.

Imagine Lincoln Riley with a QB he knows inside and out with those weapons. Their offense would be borderline unstoppable. Is the Jets make the mistake of letting Greg Williams go he would be a phenomenal defensive coordinator to complement Riley.

The Browns don’t need to do anything drastic to compete, just a competent head coach that can make this star studded offense look like they’re supposed to look. And that’s what Riley can do.

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