NFL Ref Getting Fired Over Odd Flag Against Bears’ Cassius Marsh?

NFL Ref Getting Fired Over Odd Flag Against Bears’ Cassius Marsh?

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Chicago Bears 29-27 on Monday night.

Unfortunately, all anyone was talking about Tuesday morning was the poor officiating on display throughout the game. Two incidents, in particular, symbolize precisely how the rest of the night went.

With the Bears down late in the fourth quarter, Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh recorded a massive sack on third down. Unfortunately, referee Tony Corrente opted to flag Marsh for taunting over this sequence:

Corrente’s reign of terror then went viral courtesy of this exchange:

Naturally, social media wasn’t thrilled with how things went down:

It remains to be seen how the league will ultimately deal with this situation. Termination, suspension and fines all seem like fairly reasonable options given how egregious Monday’s antics were.

Bad officiating has been a popular topic of conversation so far in 2021, and this will be more par for the course.

Will the NFL attempt to step up and preserve the integrity of the game? Time will tell.

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  1. This can’t be a surprise to anyone paying attention. If you watch on TV, every commercial break contains ads for online gambling and sports book casinos. Colluding with the NFL, they now have the rules set so the refs can control and steer the outcome of every game. You have to be out of your mind to bet on NFL games. It’s like betting on WWF matches. I am old enough to remember when the NFL went to great lengths fo avoid any ties or connections to any type of gambling entity. Not anymore.

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