NFL Fans React To Erin Andrews’ Photo With Patrick Mahomes

NFL Fans React To Erin Andrews’ Photo With Patrick Mahomes

Erin Andrews met up with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes this week ahead of his team’s Super Bowl showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Given that she is one of the preeminent broadcasters of her generation and he is arguably the biggest star at this weekend’s game, them getting together at some point was inevitable.

That said, eagle-eyed NFL fans couldn’t help but notice a couple of things about the photo that Andrews and Mahomes took together.

And they weren’t shy to point those things out, either.


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“Wait a minute,” one fan wrote. “Mahomes skips leg day??”

“I think Mahomes skipped leg day,” a second fan agreed.

“Patrick got chicken legs,” a third fan confirmed.

Mahomes’ legs weren’t the only topic of conversation, though. Other NFL fans pointed out an unfortunate trend that had start to emerge this season. As confirmed by Andrews’ sit down with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (and the outfit she wore to it), the players she meets with often go on to underperform immediately thereafter.

What does that mean for Mahomes? Time will tell. That said, he probably has bigger worries. His baby brother’s unfortunate video came out this week and he is probably more concerned with the fallout from that.

One way or the other, Sunday’s showdown between the Chiefs and Eagles promises to be electric.

And based on her recent social media posts, Andrews will be front and center bringing fans all the latest happenings from that outing.

Will Andrews and Mahomes get an opportunity to chat one more time when he claims his second NFL championship on Sunday? An answer will reveal itself in just a few days.

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