NFL Fan’s Deshaun Watson T-Shirt Message Goes Viral (Photos)

NFL Fan’s Deshaun Watson T-Shirt Message Goes Viral (Photos)

Deshaun Watson finally making his regular-season Cleveland Browns debut has been the biggest story of the weekend in the NFL.

Given Watson’s legal woes, and in light of the hefty price Cleveland paid to acquire him, there has been a lot of scrutiny surrounding Sunday’s game.

Particularly given that it was coming against Watson’s old team, the Houston Texans.

In that respect, it’s unsurprising that NFL fans decided to get really creative ahead of the big outing. One guy, in particular, really took things to the next level:

The reference there is to Watson being accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women over inappropriate behavior during massages.

Between the various troubling text messages and graphic claims that came out, a lot of folks were surprised that Watson didn’t ultimately end up facing any serious legal ramifications.

That said, given that a son also revealed that his mom lied about Watson, it’s also not particularly difficult to see why things got muddied enough along the way to confuse everyone.

Which brings us back to Sunday’s game between Watson’s Browns and the Texans, which marks his big NFL return.

Fan reactions to the aforementioned t-shirt were telling:

It will be interesting to see how Watson ultimately shakes off the rust.

Cleveland made a massive investment in him over the summer.

Will they get a good return on it?

An answer should emerge soon enough.

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