Malika Andrews’ Encounter With Kendrick Perkins Goes Viral

Malika Andrews’ Encounter With Kendrick Perkins Goes Viral

Malika Andrews is one of the most respected NBA broadcasters on TV today.

Over the past year, she has built up an impressive rapport with a number of personalities at the World Wide Leader.

Part of the reason for her success?

A certain fearlessness when it comes time to going head-to-head with them, regardless of whether it is in a joking manner or adversarial.

Case in point: her encounter with Kendrick Perkins this past week.

The cast was discussing the “most effortless scorer” in the league this year among NBA players who were averaging 30 or more points per game.

At one point, Andrews pointed out that the three panelists she was speaking with – Perkins, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson — had combined for 219 30-point games.

That’s when this happened:

“How many did Perk contribute to that one?” Andrews asked.

Mic. Drop.

Perkins, obviously, has never scored 30 points in a game. His career high was 26 points in a 2009 outing for the Boston Celtics.

Carter scored 30 points 185 times throughout his career ,while Jefferson did so 34 times.

Fans loved it:

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks Andrews has blown up online like this.

Between her purported romance with a co-worker, controversial take on the Golden State Warriors and now this – it has been one thing after another for her.

No wonder ESPN pays her what it does.

With the NBA season really picking up steam, this likely isn’t the last time Andrews will cause a stir in the foreseeable future.

What will she ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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