New York Jets Set To Fire Adam Gase?

New York Jets Set To Fire Adam Gase?

The New York Jets appear to be on the verge of firing head coach Adam Gase.

Following a disappointing 0-2 beginning to the year, it seems as though the front office has reached its limit.

On Sunday morning, ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortenson reported that things were quickly approaching the point of no return.

“All the external noise you’ve heard from the media and fans about head coach Adam Gase has now gone internal,” he said.

“We heard players complain this week about the practice intensity and league sources say on the inside the executives of the Jets at the highest levels are looking at Gase as well as they play the Colts in Indianapolis today and a key game Thursday night against the Broncos who also are very injured.

“Watch out on the Jets and Adam Gase this coming week.”

One of the reasons why Mortenson’s reporting regarding Gase’s status stood out is because the two men share representation.

“Very interesting to hear Chris Mortensen’s report on Jets Adam Gase,” Chad Forbes tweeted out.

“For those that don’t know, Gase & Mort share the same representation. I’d be interested to know if Organization informed Jimmy Sexton of a potential change after the Broncos game.”

ESPN recently developed a computer model to predict the outcome of looming games.

According to the Worldwide Leader’s algorithms, the Colts have a 64.4 percent chance of emerging from Sunday’s showdown victorious.

New York Jets Set To Fire Adam Gase? 1

Odds makers have something similar on the board. New York is presently listed as 12-point underdog according to most sports books.

It is not very hard to figure out why there is so little faith in the Jets.

This is a team that wasn’t particularly good to begin with, and now they’ve been ravaged by injuries. It is tough to win without your starting running back, center, right tackle and top three receivers.

Barring a miraculous victory this weekend, it looks like Gase will have the dubious honor of becoming the first NFL head coach to be fired this season.

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia and Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn can take solace in that small victory before they are inevitably fired at some point this season as well.

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