New Video Shows Browns Cheated Out Of Win vs Chargers

New Video Shows Browns Cheated Out Of Win vs Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Cleveland Browns 47-42 on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the win did not come without controversy.

An ill-advised penalty ultimately marred what should have otherwise been a fantastic game.

Video from the incident speaks for itself:

On the play in question, cornerback A.J. Green got whistled for a defensive pass interference penalty on fourth down. The problem? It was quite blatantly Chargers receiver Mike Williams’ fault.

As a result, a drive that should have been over was instead furthered by the 33-yard penalty. The Chargers would go on to score a touchdown and win the game.

This is just the latest example of the horrible officiating that has dominated the 2021-22 NFL season. Last week, a ref admitted that the Pittsburgh Steelers got cheated in a loss to the Green Bay Packers. Before that, the Carolina Panthers got robbed of a victory over the Dallas Cowboys. And back in Week 1, a ref seemingly got busted on a hot mic literally making up a call.

Is there any question as to why fans have so little faith in officiating that they believed they saw Sean Payton pay off a ref during a New Orleans Saints game?

The integrity of the league is in shambles.

Hopefully at some point the powers that be step forward and do something about the shoddy officiating, because it’s quickly reaching the point of no return.

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  1. This can not be a surprise to anyone. Watch a game on TV and every commercial break is an ad for on line gambling and/or a sports book at a casino. With the rule changes that have been made in the last couple years the referees can affect any outcome of any game, just like the bookies like it. The last thing you want to do now is bet on NFL games. Just like WWF.

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