New Video Proves Commanders Cheated To Beat Eagles

New Video Proves Commanders Cheated To Beat Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles earned their first loss of the season on Monday night, but it didn’t come without controversy.

While the Washington Commanders put forth a solid effort, it is difficult to ignore the pivotal role referees played in the proceedings.

One sequence in particular stands above the others, and unless the refs were blinded by that one Eagles fan with a big butt, there’s really no excuse.

The video shows just how egregiously Philly got robbed here:

The Eagles were down by two here and had just picked off Taylor Heinicke. They subsequently started at their own 7 and notched multiple first downs, bringing them to their own 31 where this monstrosity of a call occurred.

It was clear as day that Jamin Davis grabbed Dallas Goedert’s face mask, but the refs didn’t care and a facemask infraction is not reviewable.

Therefore, Washington got the ball off that “fumble.”

Understandably, fans were ticked off. Given the awfulness of the no-call and the stakes, responses poured in:

Did the Eagles play sloppy in this one? Sure. You could argue that they deserved the L on the basis of that alone. But officiating matters. And it has gotten progressively worse in 2022.

It seems like on a weekly basis one team or another is getting screwed. It happened last week. And the week before that. And the week before that.

At some point, the powers that be need to step in and do something. Because all of this is seriously damaging the integrity of the game.

Will the NFL fix their refereeing problem before it’s too late?

Time will tell.

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