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New Video Confirms Utah Cheated To Beat Baylor

New Video Confirms Utah Cheated To Beat Baylor

A new video angle confirms that Utah cheated to beat Baylor on Saturday afternoon.

Heading into this weekend’s game, most expected the Utes to make quick work of the Bears. The latter was 0-1 to start the year and coming off an unimpressive showing against Texas State. The former had beaten Florida in dominant fashion one week prior.

Instead, Baylor made a game out of this one. It was very tight heading into the closing minutes, and the Bears had a real shot at tying things up in the closing seconds.

Following a score with 17 seconds remaining, the Utes went up 20-13. Upon regaining possession, Baylor’s Sawyer Robertson delivered two passes to Hal Presley to get to the Utah 22 with a second remaining.

On the last play of the game, Utah blitzed and forced Robertson to lob it up into the end zone in Ketron Jackson Jr.’s general direction.

That’s when this happened:

Despite a clear pass interference by Miles Battle, nothing was called.

Understandably, fans were upset.


Big picture, although they clearly cheated on that final play, Utah is now 2-0 this season. And unlike last week, where the main story coming out of the Florida outing was a Utah cheerleader whose wild photos went viral, this time around all anyone is talking about is what happened on the field.

It will be interesting to see how the Utes ultimately fare from this point forward. If Baylor gave this group trouble, who knows how they’ll do against Weber State.

From there, a motley crew of UCLA, Oregon State, Cal, USC and Oregon are on deck.

If Utah can emerge from the next two months of football unscathed and are in the hunt for a College Football Playoff spot, the favorable non-call they received in this Baylor game will be viewed as a legitimately pivotal point in their season.

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