New Orleans Saints Embroiled In Sexual Abuse Scandal

New Orleans Saints Embroiled In Sexual Abuse Scandal

New Orleans Saints Embroiled In Sexual Abuse Scandal

The New Orleans Saints are embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal due to their relationship with local religious institutions.

Team owner Gayle Benson’s close ties to the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the city’s Archbishop Gregory Aymond have come under fire after a damning new report by the Associated Press.

In the AP report, Benson and the Saints are accused of doing public relations work to help the church deal with its sexual assault issues.

A lawsuit states that the Saints and Benson “aided the Archdiocese of New Orleans in its ‘pattern and practice of concealing its crimes.’”

Benson and his franchise now stand accused of trying to conceal 276 documents that show the PR work the Saints did for the church.

“Obviously, the Saints should not be in the business of assisting the Archdiocese, and the Saints’ public relations team is not in the business of managing the public relations of criminals engaged in pedophilia,” a court filing reads.

New Orleans management has come out and called the suggestion that they are somehow helping cover up sexual abuse “outrageous.”

That said, there was an admission that all involved would prefer the documents not get out.

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