New England Patriots To Be Punished For Cheating Scandal

New England Patriots To Be Punished For Cheating Scandal

New England Patriots To Be Punished For Cheating Scandal

The New England Patriots are set to be punished for their most recent cheating scandal, it would appear.

Last December, Bill Belichick and Co. landed in hot water after it was revealed that the organization allegedly taped the Cincinnati Bengals on their sidelines.

An investigation into the matter has been ongoing since then, and it appears we are reaching a resolution point of some sort.

It is worth mentioning, when these allegations were originally made, Belichick came out immediately and pledged that he had “absolutely nothing to do” with what transpired.

Obviously, based on his and his team’s track record, a lot of people did not buy that.

In a recent report, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe insisted that there is no clear timetable for when the final results of the investigation will be announced. That said, it appears to be wrapping up and commissioner Roger Goodell will ultimately hand out what he believes to be a fair punishment.

New England has consistently maintained that the illegal taping that occurred was the result of an error made by a producer working for Kraft Sports Production. Whether that is true or not is anyone’s guess, clearly.

“Many league observers still expect the Patriots to receive punishment — potentially a fine up to $500,000 and a loss of a mid- or late-round draft pick — because they have a history with illegal videotaping,” Volin noted.

The Boston Globe writer also relayed the surprise of at least one Cincinnati source at how long the investigation has taken, given when it started.

When asked about the matter last month at the Super Bowl, Goodell insisted the league was just being cautious.

“Our responsibility is to make sure we’re being extremely thorough,” he said.

What precisely that means is something we will get the answer to in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. So basically, they’re not gonna do anything. A fine and a draft pick, please. That’s nothing. The length of timing for this is ridiculous. Roger is a joke.

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