Tyson Fury Used Loaded Gloves To Cheat Against Deontay Wilder?

Tyson Fury Used Loaded Gloves To Cheat Against Deontay Wilder?

Tyson Fury Used Loaded Gloves To Cheat Against Deontay Wilder?

Did Tyson Fury use loaded gloves to cheat against the Deontay Wilder? That is the accusation some boxing fans are making this week.

Recently published slow-motion video of the Fury-Wilder bout appears to show what has been described as an “unnatural” motion in Fury’s swings. It almost looks as though the gloves are packed with something.

To be clear, no substantive proof outside of grainy Youtube video footage has been provided by anyone that something illicit happened. That said, some are still suspicious.

Wilder lost to Fury in dramatic fashion this past Saturday night. It marked the first time the 34-year-old had ever been finished in his professional career.

In the days since, Wilder has helped perpetuate a number of odd conspiracy theories that attempt to explain away his defeat.

The former champ has cited exhaustion related to his pre-fight outfit to his own corner colluding with Fury as possible rationales for his loss. None of them make a ton of sense, but all are fun to hear. They have also led to others coming up with their own conspiracy theories, like the aforementioned one.

At the moment, all signs point to a third match between Fury and Wilder occurring at some point in 2020.

Fury was rumored to be considering a title unification showdown with Anthony Joshua, but settling the score with Wilder once and for all probably takes precedence.

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  1. Fury clearly cheated- the eyes don’t lie- it’s no way he got crippling unusual punching power out of nowhere- he should be ashamed- the sport is already extremely dangerous- we all seen the tragic demise of career and life of pro boxer Billy Collins jr.

    1. I’m with wilder, I don’t know what happened, I just would like for the man to say f all y’all retire and enjoy hosonies you don’t have nothing to prove to no one even yourself.

  2. The first fight Fury didn’t beat the 10 count. Just use a stopwatch from the time he went down and you’ll see for yourself. And his glove was not on good letting him punch with taped fist.
    It didn’t work the first fight, so he doubled down and added something in those gloves. Also, there is footage of dirty Ricky Hatton pulling down Fury gloves before the round.
    I guess if that what you need to do to win.

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