Nets’ Blake Griffin Mocks LeBron James’ Fight With Isaiah Stewart

Nets’ Blake Griffin Mocks LeBron James’ Fight With Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart set the NBA world on fire this past weekend when the pair nearly kicked off a second incarnation of the Malice in the Palace.

It all started in the third quarter, when Pistons star Jerami Grant stepped to the charity stripe. As he was taking his second free throw, James threw an elbow into Stewart’s face that left him absolutely battered.

This in turn set Stewart off – prompting a chaotic series of events that left folks at home stunned.

It didn’t take long for reactions to start pouring in.

The first came from Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma, who always has something to say about the Lakers nowadays.

The second? From Brooklyn Nets forward, Blake Griffin.

Griffin’s little poke at Sunday’s squabble is unsurprising. The 32-year-old has been feeling extra bold ever since getting his reprieve from the Pistons last year and joining up with Kevin Durant’s Nets. Whether he is making fun of the Lakers or poking at his old squad, it has been one thing after another with him.

Beyond that, he had his own little run in with Stewart earlier this year:

Clearly Griffin enjoyed what he saw on Sunday. Will his little shot have ramifications when the Nets square off against the Pistons in the future, though?

Time will tell.

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