Nebraska Pole Vaulter Jess Gardner’s Saturday Night Party Video

Nebraska Pole Vaulter Jess Gardner’s Saturday Night Party Video

Nebraska pole vaulter Jess Gardner has seen her profile grow substantially over the past year.

Obviously the Huskers’ claim to sports fame for the majority of the school’s existence has been its football program. Unfortunately, in recent seasons, the squad has fallen on hard times.

Between that and a 12th place Big Ten finish in college hoops, fans have had to seek out new athletes to follow.

Enter: Gardner.

The pole-vaulting star has been one of the standout personalities at the school as of late and has built up a massive social media following as a result of it.

This week she shared some videos regarding her Saturday night party prep that immediately caused something of a stir.

@jessgardner25Just another Saturday night of Ashley and I entertaining ourselves♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – STURDYYOUNGINN🥷🏽™️

@jessgardner25My day one 😇♬ original sound – JOUPA

Between her last provocative video and memorable way of staying in the headlines, it feels like Gardner is a legit star at this point.

It’s impossible to not compare Gardner to someone like LSU’s Olivia Dunne.

As evidenced by how Dunne’s latest wild photos set the internet ablaze this week, she has essentially written the guide book on how to maintain relevance as a female college athlete in 2023.

But while the comparisons are understandable, Gardner is slowly beginning to carve out her own niche. And it’s tough to ignore how substantially the engagement on her profiles nowadays is growing.


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Big picture, the hiring of Matt Rhule this offseason suggests that maybe there are better days ahead for Nebraska’s football program.

If that is the case, it’s unclear what impact that will ultimately have on periphery sports at the school.

But for now, there is plenty of room for the non-football and non-basketball stars to shine.

How will Gardner ultimately capitalize on that opportunity going forward? One way or another, an answer will present itself over the next few months.

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