NBA Rumors: Will Lakers Trade Kyle Kuzma To Clippers, Celtics or Rockets?

NBA Rumors: Will Lakers Trade Kyle Kuzma To Clippers, Celtics or Rockets?

NBA Rumors: Will Lakers Trade Kyle Kuzma To Clippers, Celtics or Rockets?

Who can the Lakers trade Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green to, and what can they get in return for them?

Lakers caught everyone’s attention in these first 2 weeks, displaying force and dominance since loss from Clippers on opening night. So far this roster looks pretty much complete. They are set on all fields: shooting, defense, rebounding, playmaking; you name it.

No matter that they seem invincible now, championship contenders are always on the lookout for new moves. Especially when you have LeBron on your team.

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Danny Green looks as good as ever. Every GM dreams about that type of a player on his team. And Kuzma is one of the most promising young players and bucket-getters.

It will be hard to extract more value out of return for these 2 players, but it’s great to have them on the table if the Lakers want to go one step further, they know they are getting a lot in return.

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Trade idea #1:

Lakers receive:
Lou Williams
Montrezl Harrell

Clippers receive:
Danny Green
Kyle Kuzma

A controversial trade between city rivals which enables a new dimension of Lakers’ playmaking and scoring. A classical win-now move which can easily lead to the championship for this organization.

The downsides of this move are: Harrell becomes a free agent at the end of this season and not getting any young player or a pick in return. Keep in mind this is the 2nd oldest team in the NBA.

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Trade idea #2:

Lakers receive:
Jaylen Brown
Marcus Smart
2020 first-round pick

Celtics receive:
Danny Green
Kyle Kuzma

The Smart-Brown-LeBron-AD-McGee lineup looks simply terrifying. A defensive nightmare for any team which can overwhelm with their athleticism and strength. Additional playmaking and a much needed first-round pick shouldn’t be neglected too.

On the other hand, Jaylen’s newly signed contract and downgrade from Kuzma/Green in terms of shooting are more or less concerning.

Trade idea #3:

Lakers receive:
Clint Capela
Austin Rivers
2 future second-round picks

Rockets receive:
Danny Green
Kyle Kuzma

Although McGee and Howard are great role players, Capela is a borderline All-Star, one of the more desirable centers on the market. AD can completely forget playing at the 5 (which is great news to him) and feast on less physical opponents at the 4. The rest of the package is solid to say at least.

What worries me with this potential move is losing an offensive depth as well as Rivers as the 6th man on a championship-contending team.

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  1. Are you actually stupid?! Why would any of these three teams actually go through with either of these three trades? Danny Green is established we get that but Kuzma is still uncertain and hasn’t tapped into his full potential yet. So why the hell would the clippers trade two of their most important pieces, who combined for 68 points last night, and are the best bench duo in the league! The clippers wouldn’t be that dumb, and their team would be significantly worse. While Danny Green is great he is best as a spot up shooter and perimeter defender, Lou Williams and Trezz can physically run the whole entire offense between them!! Danny Green and Kuz cannot do this whatsoever. You are inflating the value of Green and Kuz and are undervaluing Lou and Trezz. In saying this, the Celtics trade is potentially the only trade that could potentially work, but the first round pick on top of the player switch is simply asking for too much because Jaylen Brown is more likely to break out before Kuzma and the only reason a lakers would receive the pick is because of the contact situation but still it is too much. The Rockets trade, you yourself said that Capela is one of the most attractive centers on the market and he is a borderline ALL-STAR! So why would the rockets take this trade at all, Capela is one of their youngest players and is only on the rise, and the rockets don’t have great center depth in the first place. So why would they give up a potential franchise big man for a Veteran 3 and D player and a young unproven player. On top of this giving two picks. These trade ideas are actually laughable and I don’t think any of the teams would take this trade because they would be sacrificing their future or making their team worse and these are contending teams!!!! I would tell you a decent trade idea but I need to go class. Thank you

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