NBA Rumors: 1 Team Seriously Targeting Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell

NBA Rumors: 1 Team Seriously Targeting Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell

The New York Knicks are among the most disappointing teams in the NBA this season.

As a result, this year has essentially been written off as a lost cause and attention is turning towards the future.

Obviously there has been a lot of Zion Williamson-to-New York talk in recent weeks, but it’s unclear how viable that is.

In fact, there appears to be a far likelier superstar option that the Knicks have their eye on.

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

According to Steve Popper of Newsday, it’s something of an open secret around the league at this juncture that the Knicks are making a serious push for Mitchell.

“Around the NBA, it’s an open secret that the Knicks are targeting Utah’s Donovan Mitchell, who has New York roots and connections to Knicks front-office executives through their time at CAA,” he wrote.

So what would it take for New York to come away with Mitchell?

“Imagine what it would take to entice the Jazz to deal Mitchell when he is under contract for three more seasons,” Popper continued.

“It would mean stripping the Knicks of just about every useful asset they have right now. Start with RJ Barrett and start adding young pieces and draft picks and then wonder what they would be left with to build around Mitchell.”

Is that a steep price? Sure. Is it too much for a legitimate superstar, something the Knicks haven’t had in ages? That’s a much tougher question to answer.

Barrett is a nice player, sure. But he isn’t without his flaws. And it’s not like long, offensive-minded forwards are that hard to find in the league.

Mitchell was asked not long ago if he wanted the Jazz to trade him, and his response was very interesting. Albeit, perhaps not too surprising given his beefs with some of his teammates.

This is a story to watch in the coming weeks and months. Clearly something is amiss between Mitchell and the Jazz. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Will the Knicks be able to take advantage?

Time will tell.

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