NBA Fans React To How Big Bryce James Looks Now (Video)

NBA Fans React To How Big Bryce James Looks Now (Video)

Bryce James is the youngest son of NBA legend LeBron James and the younger brother of high school basketball star Bronny James.

Given that he comes from hoops royalty, it was always expected that he would go into the family business. What nobody saw coming was the fact that he, and not Bronny, would ultimately inherit his dad’s physical gifts.

This week video emerged of Bryce absolutely towering over his competition.

Despite being just 15 years old right now, he looks absolutely massive relative to other kids.

NBA fans saw the video and immediately began salivating at the prospect of what Bryce could one day become.

Currently, all eyes are on Bronny – and understandably so. Although Bill Simmons revealed where he will be going to college next year, the James family has yet to make an official announcement.

But soon enough, Bryce will find himself stealing more and more of the spotlight. His ceiling is off the charts. Bronny’s best-case NBA comparison speaks for itself. Bryce’s best-case NBA comparison is LeBron himself.

And at just 15 years old, Bryce still has all the time in the world to develop.

With Bronny graduating to the college game soon, high school basketball will be ripe for Bryce’s takeover.

Can Bryce eventually become the best player in the nation? One way or another, an answer will emerge over the next few years.

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