NBA Fans React To Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Trying To Dribble With Left Hand

NBA Fans React To Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Trying To Dribble With Left Hand

A video of Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown trying to dribble the ball with his left hand went viral this week.

Brown, who just this past offseason signed a record five-year, $303.7 million contract, is undeniably one of the NBA’s best young players.

That said – he does have one glaring hole in his game. His left hand is very clearly weaker than his right.

This week, a video of Brown trying to dribble with his left hand set the internet ablaze.

NBA fans are a vocal bunch. They are never shy about expressing themselves.

And that pattern held true when it came to this particular video.

Whether he is in the headlines for his fun times with his much-older girlfriend or his brouhaha with Donda Sports, Brown is undeniably one of the league’s most notable players.

As a result, he will always be subjected to more scrutiny than your average joe.

Sometimes that will be fair; other times not so much.

Will Brown’s inability to dribble well with both hands negatively impact the Celtics in 2023? An answer one way or the other will emerge soon enough.

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