NBA Fans Notice Something Odd About Ja Morant’s New Logo

NBA Fans Notice Something Odd About Ja Morant’s New Logo

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is in the midst of a career year. That coupled with Kyrie Irving and Nike parting ways culminated in him getting his very own signature shoe drop for Christmas.

Everyone was very excited about the news, and reactions to the new kicks poured in immediately. Kevin Durant, in particular, had a fairly strong response.

That said, eagle-eyed NBA fans also couldn’t help but notice something about Morant’s new logo.

The replies speak for themselves:

So are the two logos really all that similar? It depends on your perspective. Obviously enough people believe so to make it a thing online, but is it a direct copy? Probably not.

In any case, Morant probably doesn’t care all that much about the so-called backlash to his logo. Despite a hiccup against the Golden State Warriors on Christmas, the 23-year-old is in the midst of a career year.

Beyond that, the Grizzlies are in contention for the Western Conference crown and look like they will be a contender for many years to come.

On the court, Morant is thriving. Off the court, as evidenced by him taking Drake’s girl and then subsequently dropping her for a new girl, he is also clearly doing quite well for himself.

Barring something crazy happening, his new shoes will likely fly off the shelves as well.

Mild controversy follows all athletes around – and that is all this thing with Morant’s logo is. People will get over it and move on.

Either way, it won’t negatively impact his life one iota.

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