NBA Fan Reveals He Is Dating Player On Boston Celtics

NBA Fan Reveals He Is Dating Player On Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA this year, but even they are not above social media drama.

This week, a fan went mega-viral after revealing that he was dating a player.

Given that there are currently no out active NBA players, one being exposed in this fashion understandably caused a stir.

The fan’s video spoke for itself:

@chrystianonline Now he finna think im bad luck. 🙄#fy #fyp ♬ original sound – Chrystian Lehr

The follow-up video also left quite the impression:

@chrystianonline Least we winning. #fy #fyp ♬ original sound – Chrystian Lehr

Reactions to the fan’s move here were mixed.

“Bro tryna out an NBA player for likes,” one person replied.

Others didn’t seem to mind much, and even began to venture guesses.

“I say Grant Williams,” a person speculated.

“My guess is Grant Williams or Noah Vonleh,” another commentor added.

What everyone seemed to agree on is that this fan knew precisely what he was doing with his videos.

“Nah he knew what he was doing holding the camera off to the side so we could see what team was playing,” someone replied.

Big picture, it is impossible to know whether this fan is telling the truth. Moreover, if he is telling the truth, it’s hard to deduce who he is talking about.

Jayson Tatum is known to be dating a pretty popular R&B singer, though he does also have an admirer in another NBA player’s sister.

Jaylen Brown, similarly, seemingly had his new girl at a recent Celtics game.

That would seem to rule both team stars out. Aside from them, it’s anyone’s guess.

Will further clarity eventually emerge on who this NBA fan is dating?

Time will tell.

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