More Disturbing Zion Williamson Leaks Emerge From Pelicans

More Disturbing Zion Williamson Leaks Emerge From Pelicans

The situation between Zion Williamson and his team seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

Coming into the 2021-22 NBA season, the expectation was that Williamson would be ready to suit up for the New Orleans Pelicans on Day 1. Now, 30 games into the year, he has yet to log a single minute.

Worse yet, the 21-year-old seems no closer to a return now than he was at the beginning of the season.

At this point, everyone has seen the visuals. Sometimes Williamson looks heavy as all hell; other times he looks moderately skinnier. Regardless of which photos you choose to believe, the problem remains the same: he is constantly hurt and it’s most likely due in no small part to his weight. And no matter what the Pelicans try to do to make him less fat, it never seems to work.

This week, more troubling Williamson drama leaked out.

According to NBA insider Jake Madison, the situation in New Orleans is actually far worse than the general public recognizes. And it extends decently beyond just a guy who can’t get his weight in check.

“Skipping rehab workouts” and “falling asleep during film session” speaks to a much larger issue. It shows a lack of respect on Williamson’s part for his team, not to mention zero desire of maintaining accountability for his actions.

No wonder NBA legends like Karl Malone have been so hard on him throughout his run. Clearly there are some notable problems at hand here that need to be addressed.

Sooner or later the Pelicans will need to make a tough call. Right now they are understandably worried sick that Williamson will leave. Between his dissatisfaction with the team and his open flirtation with one of the league’s top organizations, Williamson hasn’t done much to inspire faith in his desire to stay in New Orleans.

But this is an unsustainable situation. Something, eventually, is going to have to give.

Will this entire mess end with Williamson in a new uniform? Time will tell.

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