Molly Qerim’s Wild Photo Shoot Goes Viral Amid First Take Drama

Molly Qerim’s Wild Photo Shoot Goes Viral Amid First Take Drama

Molly Qerim is one of the key reasons why ESPN’s First Take has been as successful as it has been over the past few years.

Obviously Stephen A. Smith is the lifeblood of the show and the reason it is such a huge hit, but Qerim calms him down and grounds him.

The pair’s chemistry is so intense that it has led to speculation that there is something more at work there.

This week, as the show faced some drama thanks to Smith, Qerim found herself trending as well for a truly unique photo shoot.


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A post shared by Molly Qerim (@mollyqerim)


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A post shared by Molly Qerim (@mollyqerim)

“Gorgeous,” one fan replied.

“Beautiful,” another agreed.

“Beautiful is an understatement,” a third fan chimed in.

This obviously isn’t the first time Qerim has blown up online for something like this. Her Super Bowl outfit famously caused something of a stir, as did a provocative outfit she wore not too long ago to an episode of First Take.

Qerim’s photogenic nature aside, this has been a drama-filled week for First Take.

It all started with a particularly awkward exchange between Smith and former ESPN personality Dan Le Batard on the latter’s show.

“I hate what you two (Smith and [Skip] Bayless) have done to sports television,” Le Batard said.

Smith wasn’t having that, though.

“You can say that all you want to; I would say who the hell are you!” Smith replied.

“To sit up there and say… me and him. What about you? Where the hell were you? Living under a rock? Teaching at Miami U? You were a part of it too! You ain’t innocent!”

Smith didn’t stop there, though.

“We didn’t create it,” he continued.

“We saw what was there and we maximized it to the best of our ability. Just like you do,” Smith told Le Batard. “You have been holding people accountable for decades. And because you don’t have someone to volley back and forth with you, you’re innocent? You’re not. You’re a part of it too.”

It’s hard to argue with that point.

Obviously Smith is something of an acquired taste. Some will love him, others will hate him.

Ditto for First Take.

But there is no denying that it is an immense success that goes viral on a seemingly daily basis.

What will Qerim and Smith ultimately blow up for next? Time will tell.

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